French Country Pumpkin Vignette

What did we do before Pinterest?  Seriously!!!! It was just a few short years ago that I read a blogger talking about this new site where you can tag things you find on the internet.  It was kinda exclusive.  You had to know someone to get in.  I put myself on a waiting list… luckily I did know people who were “IN” and was quickly able to scrounge up an invite, but I kinda felt like I was begging to be invited to some kind of exclusive party… oh how far we’ve come.

Pinterest is now our go to place on the internet.  Anything and everything is at our fingertips; with a picture, short blurb and a link, to boot.

Now we have passed the point of 110* weather here in Texas, I’ve actually had a desire to start thinking about decorating, so where do I naturally head?  PINTEREST!!!!!

OH, I know… I could go pull out the bucket of fall decor in the attic, but it is so much more fun to head to the internet first and find some amazing vignettes done by some of the rest of you amazing people out in Blog-land.

Being that it is still early and warm, this silver and icy-like pumpkins called my name.

I absolutely love the combination of materials an mediums put together by Marty over at A Stroll through Life.  She has such an eye for DIY and decor amazing ness.

I don’t want to spoil all of the details.  Go check out her entire post at A Stroll Through Life.  There is so much more wonderful-ness to enjoy.