Pallet Christmas Tree

EEEEEeeeeekkkkkk!!!!! Sorry that I disappeared for over a week (almost 2, but who’s counting).  We had some unexpected company come into town and then have had some big projects on our plate as a result.  Now that we have settled into our new “normal”, I actually had a chance to breathe and realized that I have really, really been missing blogging…

Thanks for taking me back!!!!!

Now that Fall is in full swing, I thought I would throw you a few bones and send you some Christmas Love!!!!  No, really… If you are anything like me you need lots of time to prepare for Christmas Craftiness.

If you’ve read this post, then you know that I have a love hate relationship with pallet projects.  But I got some insight as to how to best take apart these monsters to make these projects less daunting.

All that being said, I have fallen in LOVE with this project.  Such a simple, yet powerful statement piece to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior!!!!

These ladies got together and had their own Christmas Craft day and made these beautiful trees!!!!

My list of projects just keeps getting longer, and longer and LONGER!!!!! Anyone want to volunteer to tackle this one for me?!?!?!  Pretty please, with a cherry on top!!!!!

Go check it out at Accidentally Wonderful and let them know I sent you!!!



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