Antique Door turned Hall Tree

We’ve all seen those beautiful antique doors.  I have seen so much talent in the repurposing of these old necessities.  I’ve seen them turned into head boards, message boards, hall trees… the list goes on and on.

When I ran across this beauty on Pinterest.  I was in awe!!!! I just love the beautifully simple functionality of this piece.  What a perfect place to drop your keys, sort mail, hang your sweater, and make your grocery list.  I love the baskets on the shelf below for storing larger items out of sight!!!!

Sadly, this one was another broken Pinterest link, so we can only imagine the work and details that went into this amazing project!!!  If this is yours, please let me know!!! I would love to link up to your original post.

***UPDATE*** Sometimes I can be a little slow… The owner of the photo, Debbie, was smart enough to put her website ON THE PHOTO!!!!!  Go check her out at Refresh Restyle!!!!!



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