Roll Top Desk: Eye Candy

I grew up with my father always having a roll top desk.  To me they seem so formal, so masculine.  I never imagined or even desired having one.  Until a few weeks ago… I was talking to a dear friend who is also a homeschooling mom. I was in a moment of frustration because my children had gotten into some activities that I had planned for school. This friend, in her infinite wisdom, shared that she had recently gotten a roll top desk and she kept it LOCKED!!!!  What a miraculous idea?!?!?!?!

This idea had been rolling around in my head, still not being in love with the look but loving the idea of having some place that I could easily put things away.  In rolls Pinterest…  As I was spending some *ahem* well purposed time on the internet (as all good mamas do) I ran across this beauty.  I think I am in LOVE!!!!!

Michele over at Knot too Shabby blogs about this beautiful piece.  I have to pause for a minute…  She shares that this piece was done by one of her interns Elena.  Major props to Elena on this gorgeous piece!!!  What I want to know is how one gets these said Interns…  I could definitely use one or a few of these lovely ladies to finish some projects, help with some laundry, cook some dinner…  ok, ok, ok. FOCUS!

Elena has done a beautiful job of taking this Roll top desk, from drab to fab!!!!  I love the extreme chippy finish, and once again, someone has LEFT SOME WOOD UNPAINTED!!!! If you haven’t learned this about me yet, this is one of my favorite features!!!!!

Don’t take my word for it.  Head on over to Knot Too Shabby and check out the full post on this Beauty!!!!!




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