Dresser Makeover

Painted furniture is one of the new biggest trends right now.  Can I just say that I absolutely love this new fad!!!! So many reasons, but I’d have to say mostly because so many are able to add new life to something they already have and love.

Turquoise is one of the colors that is really in, who am I kidding… it has been it… it’s actually kind-of on its way out, but not so out that it is already gone and we can’t still enjoy it.  I don’t personally have any turquoise in my home, but not for my lack of want.  I am a boy mom and #1, it is just so feminine and #2, my husband doesn’t like it.

I will just have to live vicariously through beautiful posts like this one.  That being said I can do a lot of vicarious living through this Beauty!!!! Lisa, over at Creative Raisins has done such an amazing job of giving new love and life to this old piece that was just sitting in her home not being used to it’s full potential.

She has done a wonderful job of using two colors and aging the piece to make it look as if it has been in this state forever.  I won’t give you all of the details; for that you will have to head on over to Creative Raisins.  Go check it out!!!!


Creative Raisins Dresser1


Creative Raisins Dresser 6


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