Why My Kids Are NOT the Center of My World

Ok, this one isn’t a furniture redo, but it may be a new way of thinking for many of us that are moms.  I ran across this blog post by Stephanie and just had to share!!!!!  She is such an amazing mom and has such a way with words.

Wait, what did she say?  Yeah, you read that right. 
This blog post is a bit of a rant and it’s a bit all over the place.  My kids are NOT the center of my world, and that’s quite simply because they aren’t the center of any world, anywhere.
If you’re feeling adventurous today, feel free to read on.  I’ll forewarn you though, this post contains subject matter about which I feel very strongly.  As are most emotionally heated issues – I suppose it’s controversial.  But hey, I feel how I feel and that’s not going to be changed.
The emotions that sparked this blog post were given a little bit of a supercharge last evening.  Hendrix was picking out what he wanted to take to school for Show & Tell.  He chose a little Imaginext action figure – one that he’s had for about two years now.  With the action figure comes a little yellow object.  For the two years that he’s had this toy, that yellow object has always been a drill to him.  He gathered the action figure, the mask that goes with him, and the yellow drill and proudly told me he’d chosen that for Show & Tell.  Then, you could see him thinking.  And he promptly changed his mind and said to me, “You know what, I better not take this.  My teacher will probably think it’s a gun, and then I’ll get in trouble,” put the action figure back, and chose something else.
I often think about the world my boys will grow up in.  I often get angry when I think about it.  This particular situation just furthered those emotions for me.

I won’t spoil the ending for you.  Go check out the whole article at The Metz Family Adventures


Pallet Christmas Tree

EEEEEeeeeekkkkkk!!!!! Sorry that I disappeared for over a week (almost 2, but who’s counting).  We had some unexpected company come into town and then have had some big projects on our plate as a result.  Now that we have settled into our new “normal”, I actually had a chance to breathe and realized that I have really, really been missing blogging…

Thanks for taking me back!!!!!

Now that Fall is in full swing, I thought I would throw you a few bones and send you some Christmas Love!!!!  No, really… If you are anything like me you need lots of time to prepare for Christmas Craftiness.

If you’ve read this post, then you know that I have a love hate relationship with pallet projects.  But I got some insight as to how to best take apart these monsters to make these projects less daunting.

All that being said, I have fallen in LOVE with this project.  Such a simple, yet powerful statement piece to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior!!!!

These ladies got together and had their own Christmas Craft day and made these beautiful trees!!!!

My list of projects just keeps getting longer, and longer and LONGER!!!!! Anyone want to volunteer to tackle this one for me?!?!?!  Pretty please, with a cherry on top!!!!!

Go check it out at Accidentally Wonderful and let them know I sent you!!!



Vintage Doorknob Pumpkins

I hope you’re not tired of pumpkin decor, because this post by Laura at Finding Home just might be the best one yet!!!!  She actually encourages you to find the ugliest artificial pumpkins that you can.  This transformation is unbelievable!!!! I didn’t bother with a before pic because you wouldn’t believe it anyways.

She truly took some seriously ugly pumpkins and turned them into something AMAZING.

So many details and she provides so many great pictures.  Go check them all out over at Finding Home.



Blue and White Cottage Bedroom Makeover

Jessica at Mom 4 Real referred to this as her “thrifty” bedroom makeover, but I had to drop the “thrifty”  I think this is an absolutely AMAZING bedroom makeover, and find the “thrifty” part to just be a bonus!!!!!

This is such a cozy little bedroom.  Probably a little too feminine to convince my husband to sleep there, but it would definitely make a lovely guest bedroom.

She has a great eye for combining old and new pieces to create a space that makes you want to curl up with a great book and forget about the rest of the world.  I think my favorite touch is the antique ladder turned Magazine Rack.  What is your favorite part?

Go check out the entire post at Mom 4 Real.



French Country Pumpkin Vignette

What did we do before Pinterest?  Seriously!!!! It was just a few short years ago that I read a blogger talking about this new site where you can tag things you find on the internet.  It was kinda exclusive.  You had to know someone to get in.  I put myself on a waiting list… luckily I did know people who were “IN” and was quickly able to scrounge up an invite, but I kinda felt like I was begging to be invited to some kind of exclusive party… oh how far we’ve come.

Pinterest is now our go to place on the internet.  Anything and everything is at our fingertips; with a picture, short blurb and a link, to boot.

Now we have passed the point of 110* weather here in Texas, I’ve actually had a desire to start thinking about decorating, so where do I naturally head?  PINTEREST!!!!!

OH, I know… I could go pull out the bucket of fall decor in the attic, but it is so much more fun to head to the internet first and find some amazing vignettes done by some of the rest of you amazing people out in Blog-land.

Being that it is still early and warm, this silver and icy-like pumpkins called my name.

I absolutely love the combination of materials an mediums put together by Marty over at A Stroll through Life.  She has such an eye for DIY and decor amazing ness.

I don’t want to spoil all of the details.  Go check out her entire post at A Stroll Through Life.  There is so much more wonderful-ness to enjoy.



Spice Rack Hack!!!!

Books, books, and more books.  I have 3 elementary aged children.  We homeschool.  I used to teach elementary school.  BOOKS.  Yes, we have books, and lots of them.  Don’t get me wrong, I love that my children love to read.  I am so overjoyed that they have a love of learning, but sometimes we can be a little overwhelmed with books around here.

Katie over at On the Banks of Squaw has the perfect solution.  This is another project that I am absolutely mesmerized by.  As I look at the before pic I am totally dumbfounded at the after.  I can hardly believe that it is the same piece of furniture.

She has used some simple Ikea spice racks, mounted on an old dresser, added a few coats of paint, and created something absolutely amazing.

Don’t take my word for it.  Head on over to On the Banks of Squaw Creek and check out the entire project.  This is one that will definitely be finding a place in our home sometime soon!!!!!